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About us

At Digital Tech International, we are proud to lead the Latin American market as leading wholesale cell phone distributors in Miami, specializing in new and used iPhones. Our leadership position has been forged over more than two decades, providing innovative solutions and services adapted to the dynamic demands of the region.

With a consolidated presence throughout Latin America, we are recognized as a strategic partner for customers, resellers and retailers. Our dedication to excellence and transparency has made us the preferred choice in the industry, establishing standards that transcend borders and consolidate our position as trusted leaders in the Latin American market.

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Continuous Innovation:

We seek to be pioneers in the industry, constantly adopting new technologies and strategies that allow us to anticipate and satisfy the changing needs of our clients.

Catching Up

Sustainable Growth:

We aim for sustainable business growth, balancing expansion with social and environmental responsibility to create long-term positive impact.

Shaking Hands

Excellence in service:

Our vision includes an ongoing commitment to excellence in customer service. We seek to exceed expectations, providing personalized attention and ensuring satisfaction in each interaction.

Strategic Location in Doral, Florida

Our headquarters, located at the strategic address 8286 NW 14th St, Doral, FL 33126, United States, establishes a fundamental pillar for the success of Digital Tech International. Located in the prosperous enclave of Doral, our strategic location provides us with a direct connection to the region's key commercial and logistics networks.

Doral, recognized as the commercial epicenter of South Florida, gives us access to a first-class logistics infrastructure and optimally positions us to meet the demands of the local and international market. This strategic location not only facilitates the efficient distribution of our products, but also strengthens our presence in the area's dynamic business landscape.

By choosing Digital Tech International, choose a company with vision, rooted in a location that leverages our capabilities to serve you with excellence and effectiveness.

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Our Footprint

Digital Tech International has consolidated its presence in multiple Latin American countries. From the north to the south, we have established a strong regional footprint, providing innovative technology solutions in response to changing market demands. Through strategic alliances and a constant commitment to excellence.

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